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You are entering, the first, professional, digital guide to Southern Jordan! We have prepared it to offer you a journey through an extraordinary region, full of archaeological treasures and breathtaking landscapes. A region where you will meet hospitable and smiling residents, and through their stories you will have opportunity to explore the traditions and history of Southern Jordan.

Our guide is also the only comprehensive website dedicated to Polish scientific research conducted in Jordan. On the following pages you will find information about the history of Polish scientific presence in this region and information about currently conducted excavations and other research projects.

Thanks to the cooperation of Polish experts conducting research in the area of Jordan, we have managed to gather a huge amount of information that will allow you to make an extraordinary journey in time and space. On our pages you will meet not only scientists discovering the ancient secrets and analyzing the environment of this fascinating region, but also find out which places are worth visiting and how to look for the exceptional treasures of Jordanian nature. Thanks to the following guidebook, you will also get some touristic information – where to stay for rest and where to seek for help in the emergency situations.


The guide has been made in responsive technology so you can use it on all types of devices, including tablets and smartphones, because its layout automatically adapts to the screen size of your device. The content displayed on the screen scales so that they are comfortable to receive for the user.


The most important questions that you will answer with the help of the guidebook:

– What does the southern Jordan look like?

– What is worth visiting and what is worth paying special attention to?

– What can surprise us with the nature of the region and how to admire it?

– What does the tourist base of the region look like?

– What research do Polish scientists conduct in Jordan?


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The authors of the texts and photographs:

Piotr Kołodziejczyk (Euclid Foundation, Jagiellonian University)
Michał Wasilewski (Euclid Foundation, Jagiellonian University)
Katarzyna Radziwiłko (Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw)
Przemysław Nocuń (Jagiellonian University)
Marcin Czarnowicz (Jagiellonian University)
Jacek Karmowski (Jagiellonian University)
Barbara Witkowska (Jagiellonian University)
Jolanta Młynarczyk (Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw)
Kamil Kopij (Euclid Foundation, Jagiellonian University)
Łukasz Miszk (Euclid Foundation, Jagiellonian University)
Maciej Maciej Bernaś (AGH University of Science and Technology)
Diana Pokrzywa (Jagiellonian University)
Mariusz Drzewiecki (Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw)


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